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Bravado Size Guide

How To Size

Before You Begin

  • Have a measuring tape, pen and paper ready
  • You will also need to be in front of a mirror
  • Wear a non-padded bra that reflects your true shape
  • You’ll need to determine 2 things: your rib band and your cup size. Only 2 measurements!

Band Size Measurement (A)

Place the measuring tape around your back and under your breasts. Check in the mirror to ensure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor along your back as well as under your breasts. The tape should be snug around your body and make sure that you don’t have any fingers underneath the tape. Refer to the chart below to find your band size measurement based on your country.
Measurement (cm)US SizeUK SizeEU SizeFR / ES Size
63 - 67 30 30 65 80
68 - 72 32 32 70 85
73 - 77 34 34 75 90
78 - 82 36 36 80 95
83 - 87 38 38 85 100
88 - 92 40 40 90 105
93 - 97 42 42 95 110
98 - 102 44 44 100 115
103 - 107 46 46 105 120

Cup Size Measurement (B)

Measure around the fullest part of your breasts, over your nipple area. This is a looser measurement than the band size measurement. Hold the end of the measuring tape at the side of your breast. While holding both ends of the tape with one hand, use your free hand to press the measuring tape in between your breasts to your chest. This will provide a more accurate cup size measurement.
Difference B - A (cm)US SizeUK SizeEU SizeFR / ES Size
12 - 14 A A A A
14 - 16 B B B B
16 - 18 C C C C
18 - 20 D D D D
20 - 22 E (DD) DD E (DD) E
22 - 24 F (DDD) E F (DDD) F
24 - 26 G F G G
26 - 28 H FF H H
28 - 30 I G I I
30 - 32 J GG J J
32 - 34 K H K K

Belly Bandit Size Guide

Belly Wrap Size Chart and Sizing Calculator

Get Sized!

Use the Official Belly Bandit® Calculator

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We Know Size Matters!

Please note, determining your postpartum Belly Wrap size is not an exact science. Every ”body” is different and we do our best to ensure a proper fit. If you’re still unsure, please choose a Belly Wrap one size down and purchase an Extender.

Which Wrap Is Right For You?

Every Belly Bandit® Belly Wrap features our Latex-free Power Compress Core™.
Belly Wrap Height of Wrap Adjustability (Length of Velcro closure) Material Available Colors In a Nutshell Best Choice
Original 9" 6" Uncovered Power Compress Core™ Black, Nude The belly wrap that started it all features a no-nonsense design, providing a thin profile under clothing. …for the budget-conscious (or fans of simplicity!)
Viscose from Bamboo 9" 6" Power Compress Core™ covered in super-soft, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial viscose made from bamboo. Black, Nude Naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial with a super-soft feel and fit. …for those with sensitive skin, and/or those recovering from a C-section.
B.F.F Belly Wrap 8" 7" (Two adjustable front closures for a custom fit.) Power Compress Core™ covered in silky soft, eco-friendly ProModal® Dark Brown, Cream Made to fit your body like a glove with patented corset-inspired design (6 support panels and 2 compression panels) wrapped in silky softness. …for those looking for a truly adjustable fit (that is also ultra-soft and eco-friendly). Recommended for those with shorter waists.